Bulk Customized Portable Power Banks (Wholesale)

“We loved the fully customized Flux Portable Chargers we got for C3 Post Trade.  We ordered 150 black units and were so satisfied that we ordered 150 the following month. We used the chargers at our meetings with prospects, which made a professional first impression.” - Alexandra Taliadoros, PR & Marketing. 


bulk portable phone chargers


Buy bulk portable phone chargers for a company giveaway or re-sell them to others

Are you a company tired of giving out the same lame bulk giveaways? Do you really like giving out pens and flash drives (who uses those anymore?) ?

Would you like to give a customized Flux Portable Charger on your next event and create an impression in your customers that will last past the event? Maybe bundle the Flux Charger with another product or service to increase your product's value proposition (like a modern bag or wallet)?

The Flux Portable Charger is the perfect branded giveaway for any occasion. Our clients have used them as corporate gifts, re-sold them to sponsors at events and have increased their brand awareness by providing prospective clients and leads with a quality product that serves as a walking advertisement.  

Moreover, we also have retail clients all over the world that place a new order every month because our chargers keep on selling out. We have built a strong brand and we would love to help you increase your top line revenue by offering you a best-selling product. 

Please contact Miles Anthony, our Chief of Product, at sales@fluxchargers.com to discuss bulk portable charger purchasing options or if you have any more questions. 



1. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

If you would like to put your logo on the portable charger, we can do so starting with 100 units. 

If you would like to use the portable chargers as-is (i.e. with the Flux Chargers logo), we can give you a bulk discount starting with 35 units. 

2. What is the average lead time once I place my order? 

After we process your payment, we will manufacture and ship the chargers. This takes:

About 4-5 weeks for 100-500 portable charger units. 

About 5-6 weeks for 500+ portable charger units. 

Need the chargers faster? Just let us know and we will make it happen. 

3. How many branding positions are there on the Flux Portable Chargers?

You can put logos in the front and the back of our portable chargers. However, we suggest you only use the front face of the charger for branding as this creates a much more visually pleasing experience. 

4. How many colors can I use on my logo?

We can put as many colors as your heart desires. We use state-of-the-art silk printing technology to print your logo onto the chargers. 

5. Which countries do you ship to?

We have worldwide shipping! Quoted prices include shipping to one location. Expedited shipping may be arranged for an additional cost. Note: Import customs tax may apply depending on your country. 

6. Why should I choose Flux Chargers?

Our chargers have been consistently ranked among the best (if not the #1) in the world by Yahoo Tech, Digital Trends and many others. When you order a Flux Charger, you are getting a product that the industry loves and that many Fortune 1000 companies order for their corporate events and bulk giveaways. Read our press here

7. Which phone charger colors do you have?

For bulk, we have Black, White, Gold, Carolina Blue, Grey, Lime green, and Amaranth. As pictured below. Black and White are our client's favorites. 

bulk portable phone charger

Image for illustration purposes only. Virgin is not associated with Flux Chargers


Please contact Miles Anthony, our Chief of Product, at sales@fluxchargers.com to discuss bulk purchasing options or have any more questions. 




"The portable chargers we bought for Jefferson & Co. worked like charm. We used them as giveaways to our high-profile clients and employees worldwide, which strengthened our relationships and promoted our brand past the first interaction" - Mike K., Marketing Director. 

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