Flux Chargers

Our Vision

Flux Chargers

Our smartphones play an increasingly integral role in our lives. Unfortunately, their battery capacities often fall short, which causes unnecessary stress. A dead smartphone may leave you stranded without the option to Uber or call a friend.  The solution to this problem is a portable phone charger. However, the existing companies in this market either demand a premium due to retail costs, or completely neglect design to ensure a lower price. 

Flux completely alters the landscape of this market by providing an aesthetic yet affordable portable phone charger. The Flux Charger features integrated adaption to both Apple [lightning] and Android [microUSB] through beautifully designed built-in cords. Whether you're camping at Coachella or cruising in between meetings at the office, make your pocket an outlet and charge on the go with a Flux Portable Charger.

Flux Chargers is part of the Flux Ventures group, which also owns Flux.LA (our design and marketing agency) and Flux Capital (our investment firm).

The eventual goal of Flux Ventures is to create 100 products and services in 100 industries.  

You can read the complete vision of our CEO and Co-Founder, Alejandro Rioja, on his blog