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What is our newest "smooth feel" material?

What is our newest "smooth feel" material?

In our newest batch of chargers we modified the material of the Flux Charger casing to be even smoother and sexier. This new material makes the phone easier to grip and gives it an even sleeker feel. It also improves the drop resistance capabilities of the charger and has better heat dissipation. We received a lot of questions from our curious clients about what this type of material is all about so we decided to make a short write-up about it.


What is this "smooth feel" made out of?

The technical term for our material is PC+ABS (polycarbonate ABS, where ABS is a widely used industrial thermoplastic). The Flux Charger casing combines the best properties of both materials: the superior strength of PC and the flexibility offered by ABS. 


What are the advantages of this new material?

This material is pretty awesome. It not only makes the charger look a lot sleeker but also is lightweight, high-impact resistant, durable and less prone to become dirty. Moreover, its less slippery surface helps you hold the charger with greater ease.


Can this material be recycled?

Of course! At Flux Chargers, we are conscious about the environment so we make our chargers easy to recycle.


Have you started shipping this new material?

Yes! You can get your new portable charger now.



Jan 13, 2017 • Posted by Flux Chargers

Hi Ty,

To use the Flux Charger, please notice that there are two grey looking cables that are built-in to the charger. There is one for iOS and one for Android.

Thanks for your purchase!

Jan 09, 2017 • Posted by Ty S.

I’m not sure how to use mine. I got it for Christmas and we threw the box away thinking it wouldn’t be that hard to plug my phone into a charger. But there’s only one cord that on one end goes into the Flux and another goes into a wall charger. But the thing is, there’s only one hole for that one cord. I can only figure out how to charge the actual Flux and i can’t figure out how to charge my phone through the Flux.

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