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Why The Flux Charger is the Best Stocking Stuffer for the Holidays

Why The Flux Charger is the Best Stocking Stuffer for the Holidays

Picking gifts for the holidays can be stressful.  With so many possibilities to choose from, you may not be sure what to give your loved ones.  You want to find something that will genuinely make their lives better while at the same time proving to all your friends and family that you can find the dopest online gadgets.  A stocking stuffer has to pack a lot of power in a small package.  How about 4,000 or 10,000 mAh in a sleek and compact portable charger in a pocket-size build? That’s enough to power your phone battery TWO or FIVE full life cycles, respectively.  With the Flux Charger your friends and family can have endless adventure in the palm of their hands, or better yet, in their pocket.  Here are three reasons why the Flux Charger is the best stocking stuffer for this holiday season:

1. Travelling for the holidays will drain your battery

Winter break is a great time to leave home for a bit and explore the world.  For a lot of people it’s their only time to go see the snow.  Your friends and family will one way or another end up on the road and need of a little extra phone battery to take those pictures and upload them to .  The Flux Charger is great for long plane rides and train trips that don’t provide portable chargers.  Even with the largest battery phones, most of our phone batteries can’t go an entire trip in one charge.  The Flux Charger is also slim enough to fit in your pocket which it makes it perfect for exploring a new cities or hikes.  

2. Slim Design

The Flux Charger is only 108 x 62.8 x 7.88m wide which makes it one of the most portable chargers on the market.  It fits perfectly under your phone and it happens to have the most optimal dimensions for a holiday stocking.  It’s much slimmer than the industry standard bulky phone charger.  Not to mention the Flux Charger has two built in cords (iOS lightning and Android micro USB cables) and the Flux Charger Plus will also let you connect a USB C cable.  Some of your friends might get cool new phones during the holiday season or go to a rave, make sure they’re able to keep them charged on the go.

3. Our new Smooth Aluminum finish is ready to power in the cold

We’re proud to introduce a new smooth aluminum finish to all our chargers.  The new Flux Charger feels much more comfortable in your hand and is much more firm against the back of the portable charger.  When you hold them together, it feels like a natural extension to any smartphone.  The new smooth aluminum finish makes it more shock resistant and durable.  These new models will keep your phone charge in the case of damage.  The Flux Charger is prepared for this holiday season’s adventure.

If these three reasons are not enough to convince you, we’ve received love from a few notable consumer tech publications. Digital Trends ranked the Flux Charger as the #1 portable charger on the market, Mobile Mag named the Flux Charger as one of the top 3 portable chargers, and PC Advisor gave the Flux Charger a 4.5/5 star review. Moreover, if you’ve made it this far, here’s a treat for you: Use code “stockingstuffer” for 15% off. (valid until December 31st, 2016 and only applicable to new orders, can’t be used retroactively).  


Happy Holidays from Flux!

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