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10 Simple Steps to Make your Phone Battery Last Longer

10 Simple Steps to Make your Phone Battery Last Longer

Now more than ever, we rely on our phones for everything, from communication to transportation to entertainment. Seeing the 20%, then 10% battery remaining warnings far before the end of the day is extremely disappointing. However, there is a variety of ways to prolong your battery life and make sure it gets through an entire busy day.


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1. Enable Low Battery Mode

One of the easiest ways to save battery for an iPhone is to enable Low Battery Mode in the Battery section of Settings. It will prolong your battery life by disabling Mail fetch, Hey Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects. According to Apple, the setting can add up to three hours of battery life. If it is not already enabled, your phone will suggest turning it on when the battery reaches 20%, and again at 10%.


2. Check Battery Usage

In the Battery screen of Settings, you can also check which apps consume the most battery life. Using these apps less will help you save battery. This will show you battery usage by percentage for each app, both for the last 24 hours and last 7 days, as well as time both on screen and in the background.


3. Adjust Brightness

A great way to save battery is by turning down the brightness on your screen. Although your iPhone automatically adjusts brightness based on the brightness of your surroundings, you can manually do this by swiping up to bring the Control Center onto your screen. You can also access this setting under Display & Brightness in Settings. Tests have indicated that excessive brightness can be the single biggest factor in draining battery life, so make sure to keep yours in check.


4. Auto-lock

Auto-lock makes sure that your phone screen doesn’t stay on longer than it needs to. To save battery, we recommend setting your screen to lock automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity. Though this may be an inconvenience if you’re trying to read something on your phone, it will help save precious battery life. This setting can be found under General, Auto-Lock.


5. Airplane Mode

Though airplane mode is not an option if you need to be able to place or receive calls, texts or emails, it will help save battery if your phone isn’t in use. This is especially helpful if you’re out of range of cell service anyway, as your phone’s searching for service will only drain the battery faster. Airplane mode can be enabled in Settings, or in the Control Center.


6. Disable Bluetooth

Unless you’re using Bluetooth to connect your phone to speakers or headphones, odds are, you don’t need it, but it’s still draining your battery life. If you do need to connect to an accessory or use AirDrop, you can enable it for just as long as you need it. You can disable Bluetooth in Settings, or in the Control Center.


7. Turn Down Volume

If you’re watching videos or listening to music, you’ll save battery by using headphones instead of your phone’s speakers, and the quieter the volume is, the longer your battery will last. This also goes for your ringer volume. Additionally, limiting notifications to just a sound rather than sound and vibration will save some battery.


8. Use Your Camera Less

Camera use drains your battery, so avoid it whenever possible. If you do need to snap a photo, try to keep the camera on screen for a little time as possible, and don’t use flash if possible.


9. Limit Notifications

If you have push notifications enabled for a lot of apps, and if they’re displaying on your lock screen, the constant turning on of your screen, accompanied by sounds and vibrations is definitely draining your charge. If you want to save battery, disable notifications for nonessential apps, or at least turn off sounds and stop them from displaying on the lock screen in the Notifications section of Settings.


10. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a feature that allows apps that aren’t currently being displayed on the screen to continue loading information, so when you open them again, you’ll see the most recent updates right away. This can consume a large amount of power, so turn it off either altogether or for nonessential apps to save battery. You can do this under the Background App Refresh page in General Settings.

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lol, basically “dont use your phone”

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