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Making Customer Satisfaction Portable

Making Customer Satisfaction Portable

Running a hotel is all about maximizing customer satisfaction at every level. Customers who rely on you to make their stay comfortable expect a basic level of support, luxury and a world of opportunities to make their stay perfect. It’s true, when people travel to a new city or country, for work or leisure, the quality of their hotel stay has the power to make or break their overall experience. Well, that’s a lot of pressure on hotel owners but that’s also a chance to prove their business acumen and ensure loyal customers who keep coming back for the perfection you offer!

Today, the kind of amenities available in a high class hotel are unimaginable! Guests can have a relaxing, fun and adventurous time- all within a hotel! The best of dining experience, luxury spas, fitness, hygienic conditions, sprawling lawns and poolside all add to the comfort of a hotel. 24/7 support, in-room service, medical and transportation help are all basic amenities that every guest appreciates. 

But how about ensuring this luxury and comfort to your guests even while they are outside and on the move? Providing tours and transportation is one thing, but what is it that most people are looking for outside? As basic as it may sound, a portable charging facility is something that the world is running after today! One cannot deny how the grip technology has on our life today; we are living in a digital way and having our phones up and running 24/7 is probably one of the most important needs for everyone. Whether it is to stay connected, book cabs, look for dining options or take pictures to store memories- everything today somehow is connected to our phones and technology.

A high class hotel can maximize its customer satisfaction initiatives, by providing portable chargers to its guest. Yes, it is a basic amenity and no more a luxury! You will be surprised by the positive impact it will have on your customer satisfaction. When travelling around, worrying about a dying battery often mars the experience for people, but you can ensure that nothing comes in the way of excitement and fun for your hotel guests.

 Benefits of a portable charger:

  • Removes the hassle and worry of running out of charge
  • Allows a person to maximize their experience, anywhere and anytime
  • Allows a person to stay connected
  • In case of any emergency a portable charger is an absolute must and a tool for safety
  • It allows a person to charge all kinds of electronic devices.
  • Be it a leisure holiday or work trip, one can maximize their travelling experience

As a hotel owner one is constantly looking for ways to add to the convenience of our valued guests. Everything available within a hotel and all the services offered at a hotel, together combine to make up for the perfect ambience and experience. Starting from the way we offer them a booking experience, to their reception, rooms, stay and service and all other necessary but significant services- everything needs to be impeccable and absolutely thought out. But a hotel that not only focuses on their experience within the hotel but also outside and beyond is sure to leave a lifelong positive impression. Thus, it becomes obvious that something as small as a portable charger that goes beyond the hotel premises, will be considered to be a unique gesture that will go a long way in your customer satisfaction initiative.

Benefits of offering a portable charger to your hotel guests:

  • Your impeccable customer satisfaction goes beyond your hotel premises.
  • It adds to the convenience of your guests
  • Makes up for a positive impression and lifelong impact on your guests.
  • Aids them in their travelling experience
  • Be it a tourist or a guest on a work trip, a portable charger is helpful for all… and MUCH MORE!

 Portable chargers are the perfect gesture to say that you care about your guests, even when they are not soaking up the luxury within the hotel. It’s a small but significant step to making people remember you for your kind and thoughtful hospitality.

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