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iPhone Models from 2007 to 2017

iPhone Models from 2007 to 2017

 As we all have the clear idea that Apple has introduced in the market the first and the most amazing touchscreen phone for the very first time in 2007. Before Apple device, it was not considered compulsory by any other company of famous phone brands. The unique idea and the imagination behind this gadget were very high and they clearly have an idea that they will change the usage of phones in a better way.

Steve Jobs was the first CEO of Apple industry and he was the great future thinker of that time. He had the better idea that one day they would be on the top of the world and now his imagination and gadgets are one of the best-selling items in the world. Today we will discuss some important aspects regarding the 10 years of excellence and successful journey of Apple industry. Here we will discuss some important aspects of it and it's represented phones and tablets which have become the world’s top-selling brand.

  1. iPhone (2007)

The very first Apple introduced iPhone with the complete requirements of Smartphone with blackberry curve style. It remarkably got famous among people with the option of sensitive touch screen option and the very first IOS has launched in it 2.0. Its built-in memory was 4GB to 8 GB and that was the most amazing thing of 2007. No doubt, the first iPhone was built very strong and also very durable by all means and that is why it gathered the positive response by the consumers.

  1. iPhone 3G (2008)

After the launch of iPhone, now Apple has launched its second iPhone 3G model in the market which was incredibly unique as compared to the previous version and they have also launched first ever app store for iPhone applications which contains around 500 different applications in it. Now they have increased the ROM of the phone up to 8GB to 16 GB, this phone was more comfortable to hold while using it and they have also increased its battery timing according to the use of it by the consumers.


  1. iPhone 3GS (2009)

After exactly one year, Apple has introduced its one more amazing item 3GS and S were denoted as speed. It was remarkably well in processing as compared to previous models and they really make their best effort on the processor and the RAM of the newly launched phone to get a better response by the consumers. 3GS almost looked like same as the previous version of 3G, but its processing was totally increased as compared to it.


  1. iPhone 4 (2010)

Now this time Apple was making some sort of solid plan to introduce the most amazing thing in the shape of iPhone 4. This is the most advanced shape phone has introduced by the Apple as compared to its previous launch phones. iPhone 4 was set the glass on both sides and it’s around metal has covered the complete shape respectively. It was ready to get update their applications and IOS up to IOS 7. Now this time Apple has also increased its RAM and ROM as an 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. It was really liked by the consumers and they have captured the whole mobile markets around the world. Now Apple was almost ready to compete for the next challenges in future because they have the better idea how they can get the most business by presenting the best thing in the market. They also improved its camera quality to make some moments very special by capturing it.

  1. iPhone 4s (2011)

After the death of Steve Jobs, New CEO of Apple Tim Cook has introduced the iPhone 4s in the market with improvement in processing speed in the same body of the previously launched version. It has filled the quality to support 1080 videos very efficiently and it remarkably was upgraded in ROM up to 64GB. That was really very amazing and it was a unique thing for the consumers as well. This phone was set to upgrade its IOS version up to IOS 9. Now Apple has clearly got the clean image of the consumer's requirements. Apple has always worked on every new launch of their iPhone especially in Camera, Screen Size, RAM, ROM and Its display.

  1. iPhone 5 (2012)

iPhone was the best thing introduced by the Apple in their previous history. Now they increased its size and they introduced different colors in it as well. Now they have also improved its backup timing, its voice clarity, and display. This time people really appreciated its increased size respectively. Its processor was A6 introduced with high efficiency of speed and this time Apple has got the best thing to capture the market.

  1. iPhone 5s

This iPhone model has remarkably changed the way of using the phone in Apple history. The very first fingerprint scanner was introduced in iPhone 5s with multiple of new features installed in it. New applications were also available on the app store to make it more perfect in use. It has also improved its quality in RAM, ROM, camera and other features. It has made them just like the iPhone 5 with the addition of fingerprint scanner in it. In this era, iPhone has also launched 5c model with multiple of different colors in it as well.


  1. iPhone 6/Plus (2014)

This could be the most impressive metallic shape and big in size phone was launched by the Apple company. It has the many different updated features which were the basic requirement of this era. This time Apple introduced 2 models in big sizes as compared to the previous items.

  1. iPhone 6s/Plus (2015)

After the successful market of iPhone 6/plus, now iPhone has launched the 6s/plus with improved quality of the camera, processing speed along with space up to 128GB which could be more enough for your use. You may get that entire thing which could be the requirement of this era. iPhone SE has also launched with new look and style, this could be the most amazing and risky thing to launch the same thing with the previously launched items. Apple has the idea that it will never get fail due to their market experience.

  1. iPhone 7/plus (2016)

Well, this was totally unexpected that Apple will launch such an updated phone with 2 back cameras to get the clear and wide image of your desire. It has also very fast processing phone with complete updated applications. It has also bigger in size like the android phone and it is also very reliable as compared to them by all means.

  1. iPhone 8/X (2017)

This year iPhone has launched iPhone 8 and also they have completed their 10 years of excellence in the mobile phone market. They really have made remarkable history and that is why they keep noticing this term, they introduced the iPhone 8 in September 2017. On the same, they also launched iPhone X on their tenth anniversary. You may likewise get the complete things an application which has very rare but very preferable thing in these days. It was based on very advanced technologies with IOS 11. It is the most effective way to use iPhone now with the passage of time it will provide you the most amazing things which you never forget.


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