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Flux Discovery: An Interview with Unision CEO Sajan Sanghvi

Flux Discovery: An Interview with Unision CEO Sajan Sanghvi

This is part of the Flux Discovery series. Every week we feature a promising startup on the LA scene.

This week, we interview Sajan Sanghvi, the CEO of Unision.

What does your app do?

Our app is a universal music platform that allows you to play, collect, and share all music on the internet. We do this by aggregating music from SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes all into one, streamlined user interface.



When did you start working on it?

I started working on it 2 years ago, spring quarter of my freshman year.

What is your role in the company?

My role is CEO and I coded the entire thing. I pretty much work on everything.

How did you get the idea?

I got the idea from the artist side actually. I found it a struggle for me to actually get my music on services like Spotify and Pandora, so naturally there needed to be a platform where consumers could find music from all of their favorite artists all in one place. A lot of up and coming DJs don’t put their music on Spotify or YouTube, and a lot of big name artists don’t put their music on SoundCloud. Currently there exists no player that actually has all music ever created.

What were some of the struggles you faced in early stages of the company?

The biggest struggle was learning how to code the whole thing. It took a lot of detailed knowledge to build a player that could stream music from anywhere on the internet. And of course, the next struggle was getting the first bit of funding.

What has been the most exciting thing about the process so far?

Definitely seeing everything grow organically. We have grown to close to 1000 users and we’ve only showed maybe 50 people. We can see over 250K songs have been streamed and 10K songs have been shared through our platform, and counting.

Have you raised funds? 

Yes, we have raised 100K and are in the process of closing another 500K.

What is the big vision for the company? What does the future look like?

The big vision is to become the ultimate music player - the platform where everyone goes to listen and share music.

What are some milestones you’ve achieved?

I’ve coded the app in full for Mac OSX, iPhone, and a Google Chrome extension. While doing all that I’m pursuing a music career. Our last track is at 50K views in a few weeks.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Only pursue a venture if you care about the mission. The only reason I was able to build this platform is because I genuinely care about music and want to give back to the industry as a whole.

Anything else to add?

Check out soundcloud.com/nosuits ! Just released a remix of Major Lazer’s Be Together that got a lot of love. My band is called “no suits” because my best friend and I said since we were in kindergarten that we’d become entrepreneurs when we grew up, and never wear a suit to work. Now, that dream is a reality.

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