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Giving Back: March Philanthropy

As part of Flux’s dedication and commitment to giving back to the community, we donate $1.00 from every Flux Card sold to a philanthropic cause. For the month of March, we will be supporting UCLA Dance Marathon and its beneficiary, the Pediatric AIDS Coalition.


Here’s some more information on their cause:

Children at risk for mother-to-child transmission are extremely vulnerable in utero, during childbirth, and when breastfeeding. WIthout treatment, the chance of an HIV+ mother infecting her child is greater than 30%. Today, with the help of antiretroviral medications and proper care during childbirth, doctors are able to reduce the chance of mother-to-child transmission from 30% to less than 1%.

Pediatric HIV/AIDS is a unique facet of the AIDS pandemic because it is entirely preventable. In 1988, nearly 2,000 children were infected with HIV every day. While progress has been made, due to a lack of resources, over 700  children continue to be infected each day. By educating the community, raising capital, and combating the stigma surrounding the disease, PAC is taking an active role in the solution. Together, let’s make an impACt!

To read more, sign up for the dance marathon, or donate directly to this cause, visit the Pediatric AIDS Coalition’s website: http://www.pediatricaidscoalition.org/dance-marathon.html.

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  • baus baus baus, too baus

  • I love this event! I am a junior and have done it for 3 years in a row. It is great to know that you guys are supporting it now

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