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Giving Back: February Philanthropy

Giving Back: February Philanthropy

As part of Flux’s dedication and commitment to giving back to the community, we donate $1.00 from every Flux Card sold to a philanthropic cause. For the month of February, we have chosen to support Boutique Eco-Lodge’s Hacienda Nica Project.

Boutique Eco-Lodge uses 100% of profits to rehabilitate wildlife, empower local children, and support local communities.

Nicaragua - the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, the base of our work, north of Costa Rica and  south of Honduras,

Hacienda Nica - the property where we will provide food and lodging to guests while demonstrating ways to live in a sustainable manor. Uses profits to operate onsite wildlife rehabilitation center and support local communities.

What We Need - We already have the property with existing buildings and furnishings to suit our needs, we're asking for your support to get it finished!  Your donation will be used to build animal enclosures, outfit the school, and finish the guest rooms at Hacienda Nica that will fund our projects.

Ready For More Info?

We have acquired the perfect property to open Hacienda Nica, a small boutique eco-lodge and restaurant that will support our work in Nicaragua. The property is almost ready and this campaign will raise the money necessary to open the gates. Your support today allows us to construct the animal enclosures, outfit the school, and finish the guest rooms that will finance our work. Hacienda Nica transcends the financial pitfalls of  traditional NGO's. There will be no scraping for funding, our non-profit uses tourist capital to fund projects we are passionate about:

Wild Animal Rehabilitation  -

Wild animals are being ripped from their forest homes and sold as pets, disrupting the balance of the ecosystems and worse...

For every 1 animal sold, 4 die in the process!

Using Hacienda Nica as a home base, Nica Project will be working hand in hand with the Nicaraguan government to rehabilitate wildlife seized in the illegal wildlife trade. Animals will be fed, sheltered, and provided with medical attention while they are prepared to be reintroduced into protected forests. Those unable to be reintroduced will be given permanent sanctuary and allowed to live the rest of their lives in peace.

Visitors to Hacienda Nica will have the opportunity to work closely with these animals and learn about ways to promote animal and environmental welfare both locally and globally.

Empowerment of Future Generations -

We recently spent time in Nicaragua interviewing several people who have being making a major impact in the lives of the local peoples for nearly 20 years. When we  asked what they believed to be the greatest need of the Nicaraguan people, the resounding response was  "EDUCATION!!!"

Hacienda Nica will fund our work in 3 rural schools and communities with whom we have partnered. We will be providing them with clean water systems, sustainable organic gardens, and supplemental education including English language, micro-business, and the arts. We will empower the children to create a life that they desire and reach beyond the poverty cycle that has taken hold of so many Nicaraguan families.

If you’re interested in supporting this cause directly, you can do so here: https://www.youcaring.com/hacienda-nica-nick-deck-chantelle-lamoreaux-461137.

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Feb 07, 2016 • Posted by Ricardo Mauro

Muy buena iniciativa muchachos! sigan adelante!

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