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RapGenius Co-Founder, Mahbod Moghadam, talks entrepreneurship and Flux Card

RapGenius Co-Founder, Mahbod Moghadam, talks entrepreneurship and Flux Card

Mahbod Moghadam, founder of RapGenius and now Everipedia, talks about entrepreneurship and his experiences with the Flux Team:


  • What are your entrepreneurial experiences?

I started Rap Genius and I also briefly consulted for Spylight (very cool fashion app called the "Shazam of Fashion") before embarking on my TRUE life journey, which is that of turning Everipedia into the biggest mufuckin site on the Internet!


  • Where do you see Everipedia going?

Wikipedia only has 5 million pages, and yet, it is the 7th-biggest site on the Internet (according to Alexa) - Everipedia is like Wikipedia, except it is eventually going to have hundreds of millions (if not billions!) of pages - same as Facebook. So.... I think Everipedia is going to get pretty fuckin big! LOL


  • Do you have any advice for young companies/entrepreneurs?

Use your own product! I have the 3rd-highest IQ of anyone on Rap Genius, and the 2nd-highest IQ on Everipedia. If you are not addicted to your own product, and instead of using it, you are reading Hacker News and shit like that, then you deserve to fail.


Flux Card Review


  • How long have you been using your Flux Card?

I became a "fluxer" (is that a word yet?) about 3 months ago when I saw your presentation at Startup UCLA. I was very impressed! The cool part about Fluxing is that it is very stylish - it's not nerdy, very sleek and sexual. I FLUX wit it homeboy!


  • What do you think of it?

My former cofounder Ilan Zechory always used to say, "If girls use it, guys will use it.." - I think Flux chargers are going to be a big trend for young people. The beautiful design is the critical component, I can see Flux making a wide range of phone accoutrements - the cool thing is, it matches your Tesla, you feel me? Very cutting edge. Reminds me of how Ben Horowitz describes the Jambox, a stylish product from one of his favorite companies, Jawbone.


  • Have you used other chargers, how does this one compare to them?

My former cofounder Tom Lehman had a Mophie, and I would always make fun of him for it. Tom is a fucking nerd, and only a nerd would carry around a bulky piece of shit like a Mophie. I would never use it, at that point, I thought chargers are only for nerds. Flux completely changes the entire semantics of the charger. It really can't be compared with Mophie - one of them I would never, ever use, whereas the other I am proud to use.

  • Anything else you would like to add...

If any of your readers wanna get involved with Everipedia, hit me up! I'm at mahbod@everipedia.com. Also check out the Flux Chargers page on Everipedia!

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Dec 30, 2015 • Posted by Jacob Freshwater

I met Mahbod last year at a party, he is a great guy, a bit quirky. I would love to see him succeed again

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