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CrowdSmart - Alumni Mentorship

Oct 23, 2015 0 comments

One of the great benefits of being a startup based at UCLA is the vast amount of support and advice given by the Bruin community. One of the ways this is being made easier is by CrowdSmart, an application that matches successful alumni with current startups looking for a mentor. This allows startups to identify early adopters and potential investors, all from within their own university. Aside from UCLA, CrowdSmart has already launched at UC Irvine and the University of Michigan and has a variety of startups registered at each campus.

Aside from online advising, CrowdSmart also allows its member startups to attend events with alumni, which Flux got the chance to do this week with graduates of the Anderson School of Management. After pitching the product, the alumni provided some feedback and discussed the products pitched. CrowdSmart’s goal is to find a way to use alumni responses to help predict the probability of success for a given startup using technology that has predicted the success of over a third of Fortune 500 companies.

We hope to continue using the resources provided by CrowdSmart and the UCLA alumni community to expand our business further, and appreciate their help in leading us to success.

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