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iOS 9 Battery Life

Although the iPhone 6s isn’t available to customers just yet, iOS 9 has already been released as an upgrade for current devices. Users who installed the update can now benefit from Low Power Mode, which prolongs the phone’s battery while turning off some inessential features. Though there have been some complaints about the new iOS draining users’ battery life faster than iOS 8, Apple stated that it would prolong battery life for up to an hour, even without the use of Low Power Mode.

Though there haven’t been many user testimonials as to the extra hour of battery, Low Power Mode has gotten favorable reviews. When the phone reaches 20% and the low battery warning pops up on the user’s screen, s/he is prompted to dismiss the message or enable Low Power Mode. The same happens at 10%. However, Low Power Mode can be activated at any time through the Battery section of Settings.

As described by Apple, when Low Power Mode is enabled “mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects are reduced or turned off”. Tech blogs have been advising users experiencing problems with battery power to disable background app refresh and automatic downloads for years, along with several other tips. Thus, for users already implementing some of these strategies, Low Power Mode may not be as beneficial as they would like. However, when battery life must be prolonged for several minutes until the phone can be fully and properly charged, Low Power Mode is a good option.

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