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How Portable Chargers Enhance The Hotel Experience

In today’s technologically advanced world, many people can’t imagine their lives without constant access to their phone - especially during time spent traveling for business trips or vacations. However, phone batteries can fail during the most inopportune times, inconveniencing the user.
Hotels can easily help their clients maintain use of their various devices as they sit through conferences, tour a new city, or lay on the beach and post a picture. Hotels already offer a variety of amenities such as WiFi, toiletries, and minibars to their guests, and the next logical step is a portable phone charger.
If hotels provide portable phone chargers for their guests to use during their stays, guests will spend less time their rooms or near any outlet they can find in order to charge their phone.  This allows business travelers to optimize their productivity during their stay, while those traveling for pleasure could enjoy their vacations even more. Marriott Hotels have already begun following this trend by providing wireless chargers in their lobbies; however, this forces guests to remain with their phone in the lobby while using this amenity.

Furthermore, hotels can use portable chargers as an opportunity to expand their branding, as they can be customized to include the hotel logo. When guests take the chargers outside of their hotels to charge their phones on the go, the hotels will benefit from advertising that comes at no additional cost to them.

All in all, portable phone chargers are a fast-growing industry that will continue to expand, and both hotels and their guests will benefit from an expansion into the hospitality industry.
Would you find a portable charger useful during your next hotel stay? Let us know in the comments!


Dec 15, 2016 • Posted by Jordan

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Sep 16, 2015 • Posted by Christine

Yeah, I can totally see a charger being a great complimentary gift to a hotel stay. As a frequent traveller, I would definitely make use of this device.

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