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5 Reasons Hotels Should Provide Portable Phone Chargers

The hospitality industry is always looking for ways in order to improve and deliver unique customer experiences. In the past decade, the industry has been absorbing several technological changes in its operations and services which add up to the customer’s delight and provides them a memorable stay.

Few changes which are prominently witnessed owing to technological adoption includes smartphone key cards, free-wifi, kiosk check-in systems as well as a smart-home ecosystem which lets users control all their electrical and electronic appliances in their room using their own smartphones.

However, with the ever growing use of smartphones, one important tech gadget which hotels can provide and add to their customer delight is a Portable Phone Charger.

Here are the 5 reasons why hotels should be providing its customers with Portable Phone Chargers.

  1. Adds up to Customer Delight and Convenience

    Your smartphone is your passport to almost every activity you do in your life. May it be booking your hotel stays, or banking or booking flights. For frequent flyers, carrying an additional piece of tech gadget like portable phone chargers becomes an added responsibility.

    By providing portable phone chargers, hotels can make it more convenient for customers to charge their phones when on a trip. This add-on service will really be appreciated by customers as they don’t need to worry anymore about their smartphone battery getting drained out.
  2. Personalised Portable Chargers Can be Used by Hotels for Branding and Marketing

    Flux Portable Chargers offer customisable solutions for branding and advertising your hotels. Hotels can get printed their logos and order for their own personalised Flux portable chargers. This can prove a way for organic marketing of their hotels.

    Whenever the customers of this hotel will visit tourist destinations, this logo engraved portable charger will be visible to other tourists as well present on the location. This gives the others tourists the idea about the kind of services your hotel offers.
  3. Helpful During Business Conferences

    Many hotels provide spaces for business to conduct conferences and important meetings and presentations. With a majority of the data being stored on smartphones, long hours presentations are most likely to consume a lot of your smartphone’s battery juice.

    Providing business associates and other professionals with Portable Phone Chargers will help them get their tasks done easily and rescue them from the worries of battery-drain issues.
  4. Guests can spend more time outside hotels while on vacations

    While on vacation, the use of smartphones can be more frequent which can be for multiple reasons like sending emails, capturing snaps and images, booking the nearest taxi and much more. If the smartphone battery drains out quickly, customers are most likely to return to their hotel rooms.

    With Portable Phone Chargers, they can charge their smartphone battery on-the-go and spend more time on tourist destinations with their friends and family.
  5. Go-to-Device Compatible Across Multiple Electronic Devices

    Flux Portable Chargers are quite handy and easy-to-carry. Their unique and compact design allows them to easily slide behind the phone and carry it in your pockets.

    Moreover, it doesn’t require any additional cords and come with built-in cords with ports compatible for both Android and iOS devices.

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  • You should get the guys from to review your power bank, they have recently just shortlisted 10, but I feel yours could also be featured as it is a great product

    Sandra on

  • I agree, having some arrangement to charge your phone in restaurants and bars is a good idea. Restaurants should offer portable chargers or charging stations.

    Robert Luis on

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