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3 Places Where You Need Portable Chargers and Power Banks

3 Places Where You Need Portable Chargers and Power Banks

There are few things in this world that are as daunting as walking around with a dead smartphone.  We’re too reliant on them to power nearly every aspect of our lives.  You most likely pay your credit card bill through your mobile banking app, communicate with your work team through various messaging applications, and let’s not forget the frequent instagram and snapchat updates.  Whether it’s work or pleasure, you need a powered smartphone to keep your life up to date. You either need a big battery smartphone or simply a portable charger.  

Although there are a lot of great portable chargers on the market sold individually, we think that companies and organizations should buy power banks in bulk and offer them to their customers and visitors.  Below are three places we would like to see be equipped with portable chargers.

Coffee Shops

    • Coffee shops are notorious for attracting a workaholic crowd.  Coffee shop goers try and spend at least a few hours working on their various projects in a quiet ambiance.  Oftentimes, they become so focused on their work that they forget to keep track of their phone battery.  Coffee shops that give their customers portable chargers provide them with a huge value-add that ensures they will keep coming back.  Starbucks tried doing something like this when they installed wireless charging rings in their stores, but it became a hassle when customers needed to get special adapters to make their phones compatible.  Coffee shops could equip their tables with portable power banks that customers could use while they sit and enjoy their refreshments.  As long as the portable charger has built in cords, customers easily be able to keep their smartphones powered during every coffee shop visit.


      • Libraries are an obvious candidate for portable chargers because most everyone who goes to a library intends to do so for a long period of time.  Similarly, library goers will continue to rely more and more on their smartphones and tablets to help them study and get work done.  If the library is crowded and all the charger ports are being used, a portable charger may be a necessity for a lot of people.  I’m sure many students have been in this situation: You get to a library ready to dedicate the next 8 hours to preparing for an upcoming exam, but right when you sit down, you realize you forgot to bring your charger.  You then have to pack up your heavy backpack and go back home to get a charger.  Libraries could save people a lot of time and help them maximize their studying hours by providing portable power banks.


          • Last but not least, airplanes are the one place we really hope to see some inclusion of portable chargers.  There is probably no worse setting for being stuck with a dead smartphone than an airplane.  Nowadays airlines try to cut costs in any way they can to offer customers cheap flights so the comfort of the flight is compromised.  A smartphone or tablet packed with entertainment is the only way to get through those long and boring flights.  Portable phone chargers are a cheap way for Airlines to win customer support in an industry that is fighting to retain loyalty while simultaneously slashing costs.  Although a portable charger is a small token, it could go a long way in solidifying any airline brand as customer friendly.

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