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Giving Back: May Philanthropy

May 03, 2016 1 comment
Giving Back: May Philanthropy

As part of Flux’s dedication and commitment to giving back to the community, we donate $1.00 from every Flux Card sold to a philanthropic cause. For the month of May, we will be donating to the victims of the recent earthquake in Ecuador through the Bruins for Ecuador Earthquake Relief Effort.

Bruins for Ecuador

Here’s a message from the organizers of the effort:

We are a small group of Ecuadorian students at UCLA and make this plea on behalf of our community. As many of you have heard, the Ecuadorian coast was hit by a catastrophic earthquake (7.8 magnitude) on April 16th. At this time, the death toll has jumped to at least 650; the count of those missing caps 48, and hundreds have been injured. Almost 30,000 have been directly affected, having lost their homes and sources of income. People from all over the world are contributing to the cause and we are extremely grateful for the generous outpour of support that we have seen so far.

We urge the UCLA family and all other UC campuses to donate as much as is possible to help alleviate the pain caused by this devastating incident. The main towns affected were already poor areas, and many people have now been left with nothing. We understand that the circumstances for giving as much as we would like to are not always ideal, but we welcome any contribution that is currently possible (be it $5, $10, $500, anything). The money will be going into an official account created by the Embassy of Ecuador in the USA.

#BruinsforEcuador campaign has raised $1800 in the first week after the earthquake occurred. The campaign will be active until spring quarter ends. The Ecuadorian community will always be grateful for the help and kindness that you afford.

Please share this link to alumni, friends, family, other student groups, and anyone that you can reach out to to help spread the word.

Thank you all!


You can learn more or donate directly to this cause here.

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