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Top 8 Must-Have Gadgets for Music Festivals

Top 8 Must-Have Gadgets for Music Festivals

Music festival season is upon us, and whether you’re off to weekend two of Coachella or planning ahead for Outside Lands in a few months, you have some packing to do. Lucky for you, we’re here with the ultimate list of the top 8 gadgets that are absolute must-haves for your festival adventures.

Music Festival

8. Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to keep the music going while you’re hanging out back at your tent, you’ll want to bring along a bluetooth speaker. The Fugoo Style Speaker sells for $179.99 and offers great battery life and functionality. For a cheaper alternative, the Vivitar Speaker sells on Amazon for just $14.99.  

Portable SpeakerPortable Speaker

7. Selfie Stick

Though you may look like a dork using a selfie stick just about anywhere else, a music festival is the perfect place to abandon all inhibitions and do what it takes to snap a photo of your whole squad. There will be plenty of memories to capture, and nobody wants to be the one who’s never in a photo because they’re always taking them of everyone else. A plethora of these are available on Amazon, including this one for just $2.99.

Selfie Stick


6. Solar Powered Light 

For hanging out once the sun goes down, you’ll want some light at your campground, and a solar powered lamp is a great way to accomplish this. One of our favorites is the Sun Jar, available on Amazon for $33.05. It provides soft mood lighting and creates a nice ambience in addition to being functional.

Sun Jar

5. Portable Grill

To avoid the crazy lines for food vendors while still being able to eat some quality food, we suggest bringing a portable grill, for example this one from Crate & Barrel for $79.95. This is definitely an investment that will pay off in the long run if you attend a lot of festivals, since you'll end up spending much less money on food from vendors.

Portable Grill


4. Portable Fan

This one’s pretty straightforward. Starting with Coachella in April and all through the summer, the weather at your festival destination is likely to be warm enough on its own. Add large crowds to the mix and you’ll definitely be wishing you had a way to cool yourself down. This one sells for $6.69 on Amazon.

Portable Fan


3. Narrative Camera

The Narrative Camera is a great way to capture your festival experience without having to watch everything happen through your phone’s screen. It’s an ultra-portable camera that clips on to your clothing and automatically takes two photos every minute, and can also take video. Though it’s pricier than most of the other gadgets on this list ($199), it’ll be a worthwhile investment and a fantastic way to remind yourself of what you saw during your festival adventures.

Narrative Camera


2. Glympse

Though not exactly a gadget, Glympse is an app available for iOS, Android, and Windows that will show you the exact location of all your friends. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of everyone by constantly calling out “hey Jimmy, you still there?” while walking through a large crowd or a busy campsite.


1. Flux Card

Whether you’re checking the lineup and where a certain band is playing, finding your friends, or taking photos and videos or performances, there’s no doubt you’ll be using your phone a lot while at a festival. In order to make sure it keeps working throughout a long day, you’ll need a portable phone charger. The Flux Card is super sleek and stores a full charge for your phone. In addition, it has built-in compatibility for both Android and iPhone, so if one of your friends isn’t fortunate enough to have one, you can share even if they have a different kind of phone.

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