The Flux Charger

The sleekest portable charger on the market.

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Flux Lite

Sleek, meet chic.

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Why Flux?

We created Flux with one humble mission in mind.

To rethink the way we charge our phones.

As busy humans on the go, we were tired of carrying around big, clunky contraptions that got in the way of our everyday experiences. We believed that if we designed a sleek, slim, and minimalistic portable charger that was both functional and fashionable, we could inspire the world to make more memories and live more life.

We designed our original Flux Charger in black and white with the sleek in mind, then expanded from there, introducing our Flux Lite collection to welcome the chic with open arms. 

At the end of the day, our vision is simple:

We never want a dead phone to be the reason for a dead spirit. 

Take pictures. Shoot videos. Talk to the people you care about the most. Whenever you want, wherever you want.

Completely and utterly hassle-free.

Tech blogs love us.

"This is one of the slimmest portable chargers we’ve ever come across."
- Digital Trends

"A minimalistic yet sturdy design. Incredibly small and light."
- PC Advisor

"Its most important feature is the built-in charging cords."

"A small wonder."
- Mobile Mag

"Guaranteed to wow."
- Engadget